Introducing Paw Prints, a fresh exciting multisensory handwriting curriculum geared toward the preschool and kindergarten grade levels. Therapists love it because it uses a true multisensory approach, and is designed to teach children letter recognition, and letter formation.

Students love Paw Prints because it includes fun, exciting multisensory activities. Shhhh don’t tell them these activities also facilitate the development of fine and gross motor, visual perceptual, and visual motor skills while incorporating all of the senses!

The curriculum includes:

Educator’s Guide

Provides easy to understand and applicable information on how the sensory systems play a role in a child’s development.

Short, entertaining children’s stories featuring animal characters to encourage letter recognition and sounds.

Fun daily classroom activities in which children are encouraged to use multiple senses.

Student Workbooks

The preschool edition focuses on prewriting skills, and uppercase letter formation, while the kindergarten edition focuses on upper and lowercase letter and number formation, and sight words.

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