Our workbooks are based on our unique animal letters.

The preschool workbook includes prewriting worksheets to teach the basic line strokes needed to form letters, as well as worksheets for uppercase letters.

The kindergarten workbook includes worksheets for upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers 0-9, and sight word worksheets to reinforce phonetics along with letter formation.

Our worksheets differ from traditional worksheets. We do not expect children to immediately write a letter on a line before they become comfortable forming the letter, nor did we want busy worksheets because this can be visually distracting. Instead, the worksheets begin with the students writing the letter in individual boxes that form a strong visual boundary. This is especially important for children with visual perceptual difficulties. The worksheets then gradually progress to writing on lines.

The boxes and lines are large enough so that children with decreased dexterity can easily complete the worksheet without becoming fatigued.

In our unique design the animal letter image gradually fades so the student doesn’t become dependent on the animal image to write the letter.

The first worksheet provides step-by-step instructions.

The second worksheet is a beginners practice sheet where the students write the letters in individual boxes.

Now it is time to move from writing in boxes to lines!

We didn’t forget about you! For each letter there is an educator’s worksheet that provides you with your own step-by-step instructions.

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